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Christian Wedding Gifts
A Christian wedding is certainly something to be celebrated. Indeed, modern weddings have become quite incredible events that take months and even years to plan! There are choices to be made about dresses and shoes and flowers and music and so on. But a Christian wedding is also about joining two people together in the eyes of the church, which is really the most important part of the matrimonial celebration. In the Catholic church, marriage is a sacrament. In other Christian churches, it is religious rite of utmost importance. Regardless of whether it is called a sacrament or not, those couples and families who choose a religious or Christian wedding have assumed an important layer of reverence and importance on their big day.

Christian weddings include certain ceremonial elements that secular weddings may not have. The ceremony, mass, or service itself is beautiful and meaningful and calls for particular readings, songs, acclimations, blessings, and vows. Additionally, the lighting of the unity candle is an integral part of a Catholic wedding. Couples are welcome to choose a unity candle that suits their personalities and tastes – from simple to more ornate – but most people who are having a Christian wedding like for the candle to reflect that in some way – a dove, cross, or other religious adornment. Christian weddings also require certain preparations that secular weddings do not. These preparations can include classes, counseling sessions with a priest or pastor, reading, and the saying of joint prayers.

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As is customary for any wedding, it is only appropriate to recognize the union with a gift. The Christian wedding gift can serves as a celebration of the hard work, soul searching, praying, and preparations (and planning!) required of a Christian wedding. It also represents the good wishes you are sending with the couple as they enter into a married life. At St. Patrick's Guild, we believe that a Christian wedding should be celebrated with a Christian wedding gift for a couple of reasons. Firstly, a Christian wedding gift will signify your support for the couple’s faith life. Secondly, a Christian wedding gift can be far more meaningful and memorable than some of the more generic gifts from a registry. Even if you do choose to get the happy couple a secular present, you may wish to complement it with a small Christian wedding gift or a Christian wedding card.

We have selected a wide range of products to help you find the right Christian wedding gift to remind a new couple of the presence of God's love, from beautifully adorned wedding candles to lovingly crafted memory books and photo albums. A very popular gift choice for a Christian wedding is a cross or crucifix. It signifies the faith inherent in their wedding day and also serves as a wonderful décor piece for the couple’s new family home. Many of these crosses have a wedding theme, bible verse, or quote upon them to always remind the couple of their wedding day. If you want to give a Christian wedding gift that has a story or can serve as a new tradition, consider the “make-up bell” we carry – or give the couple the beginnings of a Nativity set that they can complete in the Christmas seasons to come.

Keep in mind that it is totally acceptable and often welcomed by the couple to receive a gift that they can use in preparation for their important day and/or something they can actually use at the ceremony. St. Patrick’s Guild offers books for engaged couples, which would make a useful and unique Christian wedding gift.

Maybe you are a bride or groom yourself? Congratulations! While we are sure you will appreciate the Christian wedding gifts you may receive, you will also find many supplies at St. Patrick’s Guild that will make your Christian wedding ceremony and reception complete. Our variety of unity candles for weddings is unmatched and you’ll even find accessories like guest books and Christian wedding party gifts. It is quite common for the couple to give each other a Christian gift on the wedding day and St. Patrick’s Guild carries jewelry, mementos, journals, and prayer books that would serve this purpose well. Really, we can be your one-stop shop for any religious items you need for your Christian wedding. Happy wedding planning!

We sincerely hope that you will find the perfect Christian wedding gift at St. Patrick's Guild.

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