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Confirmation Gifts
Confirmation is a sacrament celebrated in the Roman Catholic tradition and some other churches as well. For example, denominations like Lutherans have a similar rite that is celebrated. Essentially, Confirmation signifies the movement from childhood to adulthood within the church. This celebration of transition from childhood to adulthood is not always called confirmation in all churches and denominations, but the underlying importance is the same. It is a time when an individual commits to the faith and church in a whole new way because it is a decision they are making more independently from their family than ever before. The Confirmation sacrament is received after Baptism, Reconciliation, and First Communion.

Confirmation is usually a very anticipated celebration in a young person’s faith community and family. As with some of the other sacraments, notably First Communion, it is customary to gather together. Small parties and celebratory meals are common and it is typical to give a gift to the new confirmant. These kinds of celebrations and gifts are quite common across denominations that mark the transition from childhood to adulthood.

We at St. Patrick’s Guild understand that selecting a Confirmation gift for such a meaningful event can be daunting! After all, this is an important step in a young person’s life and happens during a transitional period that should be marked in a special way – yet pre-teens and teenagers are notoriously “picky” with frequently changing styles and interests. Some young people seem to have it all these days – so what could you possible add with your confirmation gift? While items like clothes, music, accessories and gift cards are always popular gift choices for secular events, how do you go about selecting something more memorable or sentimental for an important religious event?

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St. Patrick’s Guild carries a wide selection of Confirmation gifts to suit a variety of styles and budgets. We think you can find the perfect something that will be both interesting to the young person and also a nod to their recent commitment to faith. For those who need a bit more gift-giving guidance, below are some of our most popular choices that are eternally welcomed Confirmation gifts.

Patron saint memorabilia: Catholics undergoing confirmation choose a patron saint. A confirmant will take the name of a saint who inspires or means something to him or her. This name is used during the ceremony and remains important throughout one’s faith life. Choose a confirmation gift that will always remind her of the patron saint and their inspiration and influence. Patron saint confirmation gift options include medals, which can be worn on necklaces or charm bracelets. Laminated patron saint cards are available as well.

Confirmation jewelry: Beyond medals, many jewelry options are available for a confirmation gift. The dove, a common symbol of the Holy Spirit and confirmation, is a common confirmation jewelry theme – dove earrings, charms, pendants and so on. Small, tasteful crosses – again, as earrings, charms, or pendants – would make a great choice for a confirmation gift for a girl. Keepsake boxes, some with bible verses or quotes, would be an excellent accompanying gift for storage of confirmation jewelry.

Confirmation or young adult reading material: There are several religious confirmation books for boys and girls ranging in tone and subject. Confirmation books address the growing responsibility a young person is assuming in the church; they also discuss obstacles a young person may face in her and personal life. If the confirmation patron saint is a popular one (like Joan of Arc), you may be able to find an entire book about that saint so the confirmation girl can learn more and revisit the saint's life. You can also select books that are not specifically intended for confirmation boys and girls, but still but cover relevant messages about growing up and evolving. All of these, even if not religious, can still be selected as a confirmation gift for your special confirmant.

Personalize it: Many options exist for personalized confirmation gifts. Wall crosses can be personalized with a name and date of ceremony or even a short message. Plaques and framed messages are a nice choice. While a pre-teen or teenager may not fully appreciate a personalized confirmation gift immediately, it will be pulled out to show a future spouse or child, and perhaps even displayed as a treasured family keepsake.

Certainly, it can be intimidating to choose a confirmation gift, but it is far from impossible with the help of St. Patrick’s Guild – we stay on top of Confirmation gift trends, while also ensuring gifts remain rooted in tradition and good taste.

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