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Devotional Items
Devotional items are things that poignantly remind you of your faith and the importance of regular worship. Of course, many inspirational and spiritual items are critical to your religious life, but devotional items more strongly guide your prayer or serve as accompaniment to your faithful path. They are items that can literally stop you in your tracks and push you to carve out just a moment to reflect and praise the Lord.

St. Patrick’s Guild carries a large selection of religious and devotional merchandise for your pocket, home, car, or work. Some of our most popular devotional items are religious pocket tokens. They are inexpensive and portable, making them a great gift choice for yourself or as a gift for just about any occasion. We carry devotional pocket tokens related to family, sacraments, saints, and more. The car lover will appreciate religious visor clips, car decals, and keychains. With the amount of time we spend in cars these days, a little dose of devotion is a wise choice.

Our devotional items also include scapulars, Holy Water fonts, prayer cards, religious bookmarks, and chapel veils.

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