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Irish Gifts
The Irish are the second largest ancestry group in the US with almost 36 million Americans claiming Irish heritage. The only ancestry group that is larger is the Germans, with even Mexicans and Italians trailing the proud Irish. The largest movement of Irish to the US occurred during the potato famine of the 1840s, but immigration from the country remained strong during the early 20th century. An interesting fact is that 22 US presidents are of Irish descent! Whether you are Irish or not, you have likely celebrated the Emerald Isle – it is one of the most beloved, endearing, and recognizable cultures.

It is no wonder, then, that there is a high demand and regard for Irish goods, and St. Patrick’s Guild is a comprehensive resource. Many people seek Irish gifts around St. Patrick’s Day for friends, family, and even co-workers. You can find Irish flags, barware, and mugs at affordable prices for this occasion. Irish gifts are also a popular choice for weddings and anniversaries for couples that revel in their ancestry. “May the Road Rise to Meet You” is a common Irish saying that we feature on many items (plaques, garden stones) that fits perfectly as a wedding sentiment. Irish gifts can also work for housewarmings; you might consider a garden stone with Celtic knotwork or a serving platter featuring an Irish blessing. Most people with Irish roots appreciate the opportunity to acknowledge that with home décor. We even carry Irish gifts for baptisms/baby showers, including Celtic crib crosses and shamrock baptismal gowns. Christmas can be made Celtic as well if you decorate the tree with a few of our Irish ornaments. From giddy shamrock-themed items to the more classic and sophisticated options, St. Patrick’s Guild has curated a wide selection of Irish gift options. As you can see from our company name, our founders and operators have strong Irish roots and frequently travel to Ireland to meet with craftsman, artists, and companies offering quality Irish goods. It is our pleasure to, in turn, offer these products to our St. Patrick’s Guild customers.

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One of the reasons that Irish gifts and goods are so popular is that people want a connection to where they and their families have come from, so wearing Irish clothes, purchasing Irish-made gifts, gifting Irish jewelry, and eating Irish food are commonplace. However, it isn’t only an affinity for one’s ancestry that drives the popularity of Irish gifts and goods – it is also because Ireland produces some of the highest quality, most durable, and popular specialty items, like Belleek China, Irish clothing (especially wool!), items featuring the Claddagh symbol, and Irish music. There is an enduring quality to Irish gifts that most people respect and seek. Read on for a bit more about some of the most iconic Irish gifts.

Belleek China: The company produces porcelain items that are renowned around the world. The creamy white color and iridescent surface are instantly recognizable. Belleek has been producing china since 1884 – quite a track record. Belleek china makes for a perfect Irish gift for a housewarming or wedding.

Irish Clothing: The Irish are known for their high-quality wool sweaters, also called Irish Fisherman’s sweaters. These sweaters were initially made to warm fisherman on the cold seas. The wool was also water repellant. St. Patrick’s Guild carries a variety of traditional and contemporary Irish sweaters from Irish companies that honor the historical craftsmanship. St. Patrick’s Guild also carries Irish flat caps straight from County Donegal, handmade by a family who has been in the hat business since 1964. An authentic hat or sweater makes for one of the finest and most universally liked Irish gifts.

Claddagh: St. Patrick’s Guild carries the claddagh symbol in many ways (wall crosses, pendants, artwork, etc.), but most people have come to most easily recognize it when worn as a ring. The claddagh symbolizes friendship (the hands), love (the heart), and loyalty (the crown) and is one of the most meaningful Irish gifts you can give or receive.

Irish Music: The Irish Tenors and the Chieftains are universally beloved Irish musicians. St. Patrick’s Guild carries CDs by both, along with compilations from Roger Whittaker and Bing Crosby. Irish music can transport you to a friendly and warm environment (check out our Irish pub songs if you plan to have a beer with your music!) and makes for a wonderful and unique Irish gift.

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