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Other Sacramental Gifts
Do you have a family member or friend celebrating the sacraments of RCIA, Reconciliation, or Ordination this year? If so, shop at St. Patrick's Guild for an inspirational gift that recognizes the importance of each sacrament. We offer a variety of gifts for RCIA, Ordination, and Reconciliation to fit everyone's unique tastes and budgets. These are special moments of growing in faith and your sacramental gift can be a treasured memento that will last for years to come.

Read on for a bit more about each sacrament and gift choices for each.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: RCIA is the process through which interested adults and older children are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic Church. When someone has a desire to join the faith, the person is called a catechumen. The catechumen spends months or even years inquiring and considering their beliefs and learning more about the Catholic Church. When a catechumen, priest, and other parish members decide the person is ready to make a commitment to Jesus and the church, the next step is to request officially for Baptism. This gives way to the Rite of Election, which includes the names of all people seeking baptism on Holy Saturday. The days of lent leading up to this time are the final period of purification. The Sacraments of Initiation include Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist and, once received, the person is fully initiated.

A quality bound Bible would make for an excellent RCIA gift. You could give it during the long and sometimes difficult preparation stages, or as a celebration of the RCIA when it occurs. You might also consider a book on Catholic catechism as an RCIA gift. This would be especially useful because new members of the church continue to learn more about scriptures, teachings, and sacrament intensely through Pentecost. We also carry crosses specifically for RCIA, or a more general cross would be a thoughtful sacramental gift as well.

Ordination and Jubilee: Ordainment as a Catholic priest is a response to a calling from God. Ordainment can only come after a long and intense period of discernment and study. When a man responds to this call, he is electing a life of service to God, the Catholic Church, and the church’s followers. The main duties of an ordained priest include offering the Eucharist, hearing confessions, counseling parish members, anointing the sick, and ministering Baptism, Penance, and Holy Matrimony. A priest’s jubilee marks ‘anniversaries’ in the priesthood. A silver Jubilee marks 25 years in the priesthood, for example; a golden jubilee is 50 years.

Both an ordination and Jubilee call for gifts. You will find wonderful options in our general gift selection, from Last Supper plaques to prayer books. Yet, we at St. Patrick’s Guild understand that this can be a difficult gift to select, as many are unfamiliar with exactly what a priest might want or need in their parish and for their ministry. Our church goods department stocks ministry-specific items, such as holy water sprinklers and communion boxes, for ordination and Jubilee gifts and our experienced staff is ready to help you better understand your choices.

First Reconciliation: As each child grows in their faith, they take the step of making their First Penance. First Penance or First Reconciliation is when a child confesses their sins to a priest for the first time. It is often followed with prayers and introspection on the part of the child. Like most other sacraments, there is a preparation period during which the child learns about penance, its process, forgiveness, and their responsibilities as they take this important step. The sacrament of Reconciliation is special because it encourages personal responsibility and independence in the child’s actions and faith. A First Reconciliation gift, either given during the preparation period or after the occurrence, is a way to show encouragement and support for the child. From child-friendly books and guides to making their First Penance, to wall crosses and plaques featuring the Act of Contrition, you are sure to find a First Reconciliation gift in the wide selection at St. Patrick’s Guild. You can also shop for Reconciliation jewelry including charms for charm bracelets and His Story bracelets.

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