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Pieta Bronzed Resin

Pieta Bronzed Resin

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Our Pieta Hand Painted bronze resin statue is really a one of a kind piece. This skillfully crafted statue is an exact replica, obviously not in size but in terms of detail, of the original Michelangelo Pieta that sits in Vatican City. One of the most highly finished works by Michelangelo and is a very important piece because of how it balances the renaissance ideals of classic beauty with naturalism. This famous work, of art depicts the body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary after the crucifixion. Our Pieta statue comes in a hand painted bronze resin finish that gives this already miraculous statue a very distinguished look. Our Pieta actually uses two different shades of bronze resin so you can clearly see the body of Christ on top of his mothers robe. This statue makes a great gift for any occasion, whether it be a birthday, holiday, or a special sacrament, the pieta is the perfect statue. Giving our Pieta Hand Painted Bronzed Resin statue as a gift won't just be special for the one receiving it but for the giver as well. You can feel good about yourself knowing that you had a hand in brightening up someone's day.
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