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5 Minutes With the Saints

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5 Minutes With the Saints

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With the busy days that teachers experience they are always open to receiving a little encouragement. This book, 5 Minutes with the Saints is, as it says in the subtitle, "More Spiritual Nourishment for Busy Teachers". The book takes quotes or prayers from or short stories about saints who were involved in education or deeply concerned about children and gives an indication as to why they were selected. After each quote a short article is presented by a teacher who tells about his or her life experience that relates to the quote. One saint selected is St. Albert the Great. He is known in part for his interest in science and for his desire to learn by always asking questions. The title given his section of the book is "The Importance of Questions" and the reflection that follows talks about the importance of teaching students to be curious and to learn through questioning. The article points out how he learned by experiencing the world around him and how he saw that God was part of the mystery and part of the answer. The back of the book contains an index of the titles of each reflection and the names of the teachers who wrote the reflections. Another index lists the saints who are used as sources of encouragement.

5 Minutes with the Saints Paperback

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