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5 oz Lead Crystal Cruet Set

5 oz Lead Crystal Cruet Set

Item# 85000

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Need a quality cruet set? Our 5 ounce, lead crystal set is well worth your consideration. With genuine handcut designs artfully adorning this cruet set, it's easy to imagine them adding beauty to your next Holy Communion service. Your next cruet set needs to have durable handles like the ones on this pair because you don't want them breaking during a crucial moment of the Eucharist. The stoppers on this cruet set fit extremely well and have a bit of weight to keep them vertical and in place. A coordinating handcut design on top of the cruet set allows the play of light to continue throughout the sacred vessel.

The classic 'criss-cross', handcut design that decorates the entire lower portion of the cruet set keeps it in style for years. This cruet set size is a good choice for small to medium sized churches or for use in a chapel. The creators of this cruet set focused on a comfortable fit for all sizes of fingers and hands making accidental droppings a rarity. Nothing says 'special' like lead crystal and this cruet set exudes a sacred presence. Questions? Call our Church Goods department at 1-800-652-9767 or 651-690-1506.