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7-1/2" Our Lady of Grace Font

7-1/2" Our Lady of Grace Font

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St. Patrick's Guild presents this elegantly styled, bronzed resin holy water font featuring Our Lady of Grace, as a great choice for any home. Anyone who finds using a holy water font at the beginning of the day and to close their day will find this piece a very suitable addition to any room in the house. The holy water font is 7.5 inches tall and comes ready to hang on the wall. Beautiful roses drape the bowl of the holy water font with sophistication and give it a classic presentation that allows you to drift back in time to early Christians.

The ritual of using a holy water font has served many generations on their path of spiritual growth. St. Teresa of Avila, while not having her own holy water font, wrote about using holy water to help her embolden her integrity in the face of temptation. Any practicing Catholic would welcome this powerful tool and appreciate having access to their own holy water font at home instead of waiting to use it at church. Bring this holy water font into the privacy of your own home so that you can enjoy its gifts which have been known for centuries.

Our Lady of Grace Water Font: 7.5"H; Bronzed resin; Ready to hang