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A Snoodle's Tale Veggie Tale DVD

A Snoodle's Tale Veggie Tale DVD

Item# N11814

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In the Veggie Tales there is a land called Snoodleburg, so called because the residents there eat pancakes with noodles, and from there we get the delightful story A Snoodle's Tale. On this Veggie Tales DVD, Bob the Tomato "tells the touching story of Snoodle Doo, a lovable little character who learns that the way others see him doesn's matter at all, because God sees how special and beautiful each of us is, and that is just how we should see ourselves!" and teaches the viewer a valuable lesson in self worth. Another fun story included is Dr. Jiggle & Mr. Sly based on Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and told with a disco beat and a white polyester leisure suit while teaching the Veggies to be true to themselves. Also included is Flibber-o-loo where kids learn that "helping their neighbors means helping those in need".

If that is not enough, bonus features include Veggie Karaoke, Family Fun Activity, Trivia Game, Write the Rhyme and much more. All this is sure to keep children in the family entertained while subtly teaching them valuable life lessons. Find more Veggie Tales DVDs on our website.

Veggie Tales A Snoodle's Tale Variety of Bonus Features