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Acrylic Nativity Set 6PC 4IN

Acrylic Nativity Set 6PC 4IN

Item# N11195

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This nativity set is perfect for someone who wishes to display a nativity set but doesn't have a lot of room. The set comes with 6 figures including the Holy Family, 2 kings and a shepherd. The figures are made of durable clear acrylic and the tallest figure stands 4 inches high so they are small and will not take up a lot of room while still giving you a lovely set to display for the Christmas season.

The simple design allows you to display the set on its own or in a variety of manners. It would be lovely with candles glowing softly through the acrylic or colored lights reflecting off the set as it sits in the midst of a string of lights or near or under your holiday tree. Seasonal greens will also be a pleasant contrast to the clear acrylic of the figures while adding a touch of color to the nativity set. This may be a set you feel comfortable giving to children to use and play with as it is sturdily made and has an inexpensive price. The Christmas season is special to many people and this lovely small acrylic set gives you a way to decorate your home emphasizing the reason the season is celebrated.

Nativity Set Acrylic 6PCS Boxed

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