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Angel, 2 Shepherds Three Kings Accessories

Angel, 2 Shepherds Three Kings Accessories

Item# 95677

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This set adds three additional figures to your nativity set. This accessory set includes 2 shepherds and one angel. The set has a 9-1/4 inch standing shepherd holding a little lamb, a 6-1/2 inch kneeling shepherd and a 9-1/2 inch angel called the Gloria Angel as she announces the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. The figures come from Three Kings Gifts and feature their finely crafted figures which are finished with painstaking handpainted details and a life-like design.

The detailing on these pieces is extraordinary as you can see especially in the spectacular wings of the angel, the flow and drape of the robes of the shepherds, the fleece on the sheep and the facial features on the figures. You can increase the size of your nativity set while you delight in displaying these additional figures with any nativity set that has correspondingly sized figures and similar detailing. Many traditional nativity sets come with the Holy Family and the three kings. This set allows you to add the angel and shepherds to make your set a little more complete and include the other characters found in the nativity story.

Gloria Angel and Two Shepherds Pieces for Nativity Set Tallest 9-1/2IN Boxed