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Believe Turtle Figure

Believe Turtle Figure

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Turtles are often said to symbolize ancient wisdom, longevity, endurance, persistence and continuation of life. St. Patrick's Guild carries a variety of little turtles with encouraging sayings on their shells. They are made of zinc with a colored epoxy on the shell and measure 1-1/8 inches long and 3/4 inch wide. This particular turtle's shell is a green with flower drawings and has a saying that reads simply "Believe". Everyone needs encouragement from time to time and this little turtle message does the job. The silver colored body has black etched markings to indicate the eyes, lines on the shell and toes of the turtle.

The colorful shell contrasts in a lovely way against the silver color of the turtle to give you a fun little item to sit on a table, shelf or desk. Altogether this little turtle is quite a colorful figure and the message the shell contains is sure to please whomever receives the turtle as a gift. The little turtle could be given as a birthday gift to someone who you feel may need a little encouragement. The turtle is sold individually and comes in a variety of colors with a variety of sayings.

Turtle Figure: "Believe"; Zinc and Epoxy 1-1/8x 3/4IN

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