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Best Loved Saints Book Lovasik, Fr Lawrence

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Best Loved Saints Book Lovasik, Fr Lawrence

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Best Loved Saints contains the stories of saints in the Catholic Church who by their lives provide role models for those trying to live their lives in such a way as to become closer to God. The paperback book has 192 pages containing information about 50 of the saints who are considered to be "holy people" and whom we are encouraged to emulate. Biographical sketches are provided for saints including St. Agnes, St. Thomas Aquinas, John of the Cross and others. Full color illustrations give an inspiring picture of the lives of these saints. Best Loved Saints is a good read for young adults to learn more about the people the Church looks up to as people striving to live their faith and to become closer to God. The book could be especially helpful if they are looking for a role model or saint to choose for their Confirmation saint. There are many saints in the Church so Best Loved Saints picks out some of the ones who were most influential or who best fit the definition of a saint as a "holy person". The colorful illustrations and easy to read print make the book an attractive read for young people wishing to learn more about others who have lived their faith even to the point of giving up their lives.

Best Loved Saints Fr. Lawrence Lovasik Paperback 192PGS

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