Easter is the most prominent feast day in the Catholic liturgical calendar. It is the time in which believers celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death and crucifixion. Catholic Easter brings the 40 days of Lent to an end (a time of prayer, limited fasting, and sacrifice).

Easter occurs two days after Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ crucifixion. Holy Saturday occurs the day before Easter and it is the time of the Easter vigil. The Catholic Easter vigil happens between sunset and sunrise and it truly represents the final hours of waiting for the resurrection. The Easter vigil often includes a procession of candles to signify the coming of Jesus’ light. Interestingly, new adult members of the church are often baptised on the Easter Vigil. The Paschal candle is lit during the Easter vigil ceremony. It stays in the sanctuary throughout the year, but is only lit during important times like funerals and weddings.

The Easter season doesn’t end on Easter Sunday. The observance of the Easter season continues through Pentecost and includes other important days in the Catholic church.

Catholic Easter is truly a culmination of deep faith. Believing that Jesus can and did rise from the dead is a faith testament. This resurrection is what saved humankind from sin and gave hope for continued life here and beyond. Hence, again, it is the most important feast day.