First Communion is an important step in a child’s religious life. It marks the first time a child receives the body of Christ and usually occurs between the ages of seven and nine. The preparation is a period when the child begins to learn more about what is at the very center of the Catholic faith. They may be asked to learn new rules and prayers. Indeed, the time can be challenging for a child because their independence is growing. As a result, many parents are looking for ways to participate in and support during the preparation, so that the challenges are manageable and educational.

As we all know, most children learn most effectively from engagement and action. In other words, their attention spans are lengthened when there is movement or hands-on activity. This is why many parents choose to partake in First Communion crafts with their child during preparation for the sacrament.

One of the most common First Communion craft choices are do-it-yourself First Communion banners, which are often displayed at the end of a child’s pew during the service. This is a craft that may be assigned by your child’s school or church class. While true do-it-yourself banners can be done, pre-made kits are an easy choice for parents who don’t sew or seriously craft. Banners include cut-outs in the shape of wheat, chalices, grapes, along with all other supporting materials.

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller and easier, a First Communion bookmark is a good craft choice. They don’t take long, but they do provide the opportunity to discuss the sacrament as you go. And they can easily be used in a child’s first Bible or other religious book (both of which the child may receive as a gift on their special day). It is a truly useful First Communion craft.

If your child is a bit more creative and prefers to deviate from set instructions, a good First Communion craft would be simple paper, marker, and religious stickers. Let them do as they please, when they please! The important part is that the project is infused with important figures/people. Perhaps the stickers can be of Jesus or chalices or something related to First Communion - or try to find a coloring book with the same theme. No need to stay within the lines, though!

You can also mix First Communion crafting with games for kiddos who love a little competition! Try making bingo cards that have First Communion pictures and words instead of letters and numbers. Or create a crafty treasure map and do a hunt using First Communion clues. The possibilities are endless, so let your child’s interests guide you.

First Communion is a really exciting time for both the individual child and his or her family. But, as already stated, the process of developing a stronger religious identity and connection can be a big task for the little ones. First Communion crafts infuse a bit of whimsy into the process and, ultimately, provide a hands-on way to engage with the process. Happy crafting!