As we’ve already mentioned on this blog, everyone loves to feel the Christmas spirit when they walk through a door. Smells and sights and sounds come together to elicit old memories and create excitement for new traditions. However, nothing can kill the holiday spirit faster than money worries. Do not overspend on Christmas decor! There are several inexpensive ways to decorate your home for the holidays. Here are four suggestions that will go easy on your wallet:

  1. Assess what is already on hand: You may have more holiday-themed decor than you think! Do you have red or green towels stored someplace? Use them throughout the season. Maybe your bedroom color scheme involves a holiday color. If so, haul it into your living space. Dig through your candles and pull out any that are red, green, or white. Have kids? There is nothing cuter than putting their Christmas artwork in an on-hand frame and hanging it in a hallway or entryway. If you have lots of extra Christmas lights, use them creatively - they don’t have to be reserved for the tree or outdoors. They can also frame indoor doorways or can be wrapped on a banister. Or take some ornaments from your tree and utilize them elsewhere - hang them on a doorknob or drawer pull in order to infuse multiple areas of your home with the Christmas spirit.

  2. Bring the outdoors in: Pine cones and acorns can be arranged in a bowl or scattered on a table for a pop of Christmas wonder indoors. Twigs and twine can be used for a rustic holiday feeling. Even something as simple as rocks - with a bit of glitter or paint - can be transformed into noteworthy decor.

  3. Choose a statement piece or two: A high-quality Christmas Nativity set adorning a mantle goes a long way and can make more of an impact than several cheaper items. A Christmas Nativity set tells a story, draws your eye, and can grow each year as you add more pieces. Starting small with your Christmas Nativity set is inexpensive - but it will grow into that statement piece as you add figures in future years! Of course, your tree can also be your big decor investment. Or maybe you have a grand dining table that deserves a runner, centerpiece, and various knickknacks to create a statement theme. Bottom line: we love items with a low, low, low price tag! Mixing those items with a few more expensive (but timeless) decorations is the really smart money move!

  4. Think outside the decor box: Things like lighting and music set the Christmas mood as much as physical decorations. Choose quality music, dim your lights, and start a fire (or use candles). Open the shades to see the glistening snow or to allow the twinkle of holiday lights to filter into your house.

Whether you choose to bring the outdoors in, invest in a statement piece like a Christmas Nativity set, or focus on upcycled items on-hand - we hope you love your thriftily decorated home during the holidays!