As with any party, celebrations will vary from family to family. Some prefer larger more extravagant events. Others prefer simpler and more low-key gatherings. Certain families feel that money spent on parties is definitely well spent! While others likely feel that money doesn’t affect the quality of the party. But beyond money and level of formality, you must also consider who the person of honor is. How old? Personality? What exactly is being celebrated?

These are all questions that must be asked in advance of a First Communion party; each family’s celebration will end up looking differently. However, most First Communion parties are small or medium in size and fairly casual in nature. Most First Communion events end up looking somewhat similar to any other family meal, although a few First Communion party supplies will give a personalized touch. The casual vibe is probably because there is a certain level of solemnity involved with a sacrament (not that a party has to be solemn, simply that it isn’t something as raucous as a birthday) and because the person of honor is a child.

No matter how simple, a few basic pre-planning steps are necessary. As you plan your party, consider the following:

  • Size - how many guests will you have? This will determine the amount of food and First Communion party supplies you will need.
  • Location - many people hold the celebration in a private home, but a park (pick one with a covered structure in case of rain) is an awesome choice for letting the kids run off some energy. Restaurants are a possibility as well - many will accommodate tables for 12-16 people or may have a small room to rent.
  • Timing - some people hold the event immediately after the sacrament. It makes sense because many of the guests are already present in the church. But if your guests are local, having it a bit later on or even a different day can work.
  • Food - your location choice may help determine the food. For example, a restaurant would cover the food element, but ask if you can bring in a specially decorated First Communion cake. If your party is at a park or other public venue, you may want to keep the food really simple if you don’t have access to a heating source. Some people just order pizza delivery to the park! You probably have the most choice of food options in your own home.
  • First Communion Party Supplies - even at low-key events, it is nice to put a decorative touch upon the party to help set it apart from a regular gathering. First Communion party supplies like paper plates and napkins are a must-have while banners make for inexpensive and easy flair. These supplies usually have a chalice or host theme.

That is a pretty basic list. As I said, it is not entirely different from planning any other event. Yet, First Communion is a very special day, so having a celebration - no matter how big or small, simple or involved - is a really important gesture. The First Communicant will greatly appreciate the effort. Enjoy the party!