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Box of 1-3/8" Low Gluten Altar Bread

Box of 1-3/8" Low Gluten Altar Bread

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Here are low gluten communion wafers that are officially approved by the Roman Catholic Church for parishes concerned about their gluten-intolerant members. Containing less than .002 percent gluten (which does not affect a gluten-intolerant person), these 1-3/8 inch low gluten communion wafers meet the needs of both the Vatican and gluten-intolerant children and adults. Offering these low gluten communion wafers during Eucharist allows everyone in your worship community to participate without worry of nausea or feeling unwell afterwards. No longer having to consume only the communion wine, gluten-intolerant members experience the full Eucharistic majesty with these low gluten communion wafers.

Our low gluten communion wafers sell as 25 hosts per package. Produced in strict adherence to Canon Law, store these low gluten communion wafers in a cool, dry environment. Refrigeration prolongs the shelf life of these low gluten communion wafers and should be kept away from wheat products. With the Vatican's approval, your church can rest easy while supporting gluten-intolerant members in participating in the full Eucharist once again. For more information about low gluten communion wafers, please call the knowledgeable St. Patrick's Guild Church Supply Department toll-free at 1-800-652-9767. In the Twin Cities, phone 651-690-1506 and ask for our Church Supply Department.

Cavanagh Low Gluten Communion Wafers: 1-3/8" in diameter; Individually wrapped 25 wafers in a box; Shelf life guaranteed for one year