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Boys 4-Way Pendant

Boys 4-Way Pendant

Item# 96251

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This hand engraved 4-way medal will be a nice gift to give a young boy to wear anytime but especially on his First Communion day. The 4-way medal is made of pewter, measures about 5/8 inch long and comes on an 18 inch chain, just the right length for a young boy. The 4-way medal comes in the shape of a plus sign and the ends of each arm have an image of a particular medal which includes the Scapular medal, a miraculous medal, a St. Christopher medal and a St. Joseph medal. The back of the 4-way medal has the message I am a Catholic. Please call a priest to notify people that you would like a priest's blessing if you are ever in an accident or near death. The medals represent some of the people who were most important in the life of Jesus and who could also be very important to us if we try to live as did. As you give the medal to the boy you have the opportunity to talk to him about who the medals represent and why they were important in the life of Jesus and why they are important in our lives today.

Boys 4-Way Pendant: 5/8"H on an 18" chain