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Brown Scapular

Brown Scapular

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Many Catholics today wear a religious item of devotion called the scapular. Worn originally by Roman Catholic monks as a tunic-like garment, today's scapulars are much smaller and usually worn under clothing. The scapular consists of two small pieces of cloth connected by brown cording which allows the scapular to be worn over the head and around the neck. The most popular scapular today is the "brown scapular" called the Our Lady of Mount Carmel scapular. The images are said to have been revealed by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself to St. Simon Stock in 1251. One square of the 1 by 1-1/2 squares of the scapular features an image of Mary as Our Lady of Mount Carmel while the other has the image of Mary presenting the scapular to St. Simon Stock. On each square are the words "Pray for us". The scapular is usually worn as a devotion to Mary and when worn faithfully is said to grant the grace of final perseverance to the one wearing the scapular. It is often given to those making their First Communion to encourage their devotion to Mary and the inexpensive price of this scapular makes it the perfect one to give to a young religious education class.

Brown Scapular on Brown Cords Our Lady of Mount Carmel Inexpensive