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CA Candlemas Candle (2/box)

CA Candlemas Candle (2/box)

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Candlemas is another name for the day when we celebrate the presentation of Jesus at the temple. Marking the end of the Epiphany, Candlemas is traditionally marked by a mass that features a blessing of candles. These candles are then distributed to members of the congregation, who bring them home. By bringing the blessed Candlemas candles into their homes, congregation members bring Christ into their everyday lives. These Candlemas candles are stearic, ensuring a slow, controlled burn with a minimum of dripping wax. Manufactured under Cathedral Candle Company's strict guidelines, you can rest assured that these are Candlemas candles of the utmost quality. Perfect for bringing the tradition of Candlemas into your home or worship community, Candlemas candles from Saint Patrick's Guild are a great value.

Our Candlemas candles measure 8.25 inches high and 25/32 of an inch in diameter. Packaged two to a box.á For additional information about our Candlemas candles, please call our friendly church goods department at 1-800-652-9767 or email us at