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Celtic Swirl Pendant on Black Cord Rhodium Plated

Celtic Swirl Pendant on Black Cord Rhodium Plated

Item# 96046

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The design of this exquisite pendant is ancient. The triple spiral or "triskele" has been found on pre-Celtic sites in Ireland especially inside the Newgrange passage tomb. The pendant is made of rhodium plated non-precious metal and measures about 1 inch in diameter. It comes on a 21 inch black leather cord so can be worn with just about any type of clothing whether casual or more formal. The early meaning of the triple spiral is unknown but for later Christians it came to symbolize the Holy Trinity and also eternity. The triple spiral pendant on this necklace has a simple smooth sleek design so is slightly more modern in appearance. The pendant would be a lovely birthday gift especially with the religious symbolism of the Holy Trinity that you find in the design of the three spirals and would be especially meaningful for someone of Irish heritage. If you have traveled to Ireland and visited some of the older sites you have probably seen the triple spiral which would make this pendant even more special to own and wear. The spiral pendant comes boxed.

Celtic Spiral Pendant 21IN Black Cord Boxed