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Chasuble Purple Celtic Fabric

Chasuble Purple Celtic Fabric

Item# 81962

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This purple chasuble from Slabbinck is perfect to use when celebrating the Lenten season of the liturgical year. The purple chasuble is made of Celtic fabric which is 100% synthetic so may be washed or dry-cleaned. The purple chasuble has exquisite woven banding with a hand embroidered Celtic cross motif featured on the bands on the edges of the chasuble and in the center panel that runs up and down the front and the back of the chasuble. The hand embroidery is done in gold threads so contrasts beautifully with the purple chasuble. Measuring 63 inches wide and 53 inches long, the purple chasuble comes with an inside stole and is unlined. The chasuble has a Monastic or square cut and comes with a 3 inch roll-collar. This chasuble also comes in white, red and green.