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The Sacraments Coloring Book

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The Sacraments Coloring Book

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Children often learn best by doing activities involving what they are trying to learn. The Sacrament Coloring Book from the St. Joseph Coloring Books series is a case in point. The coloring book presents pictures for children to color that refer to the seven Sacraments. Each Sacrament has a page showing how Jesus initiated that particular sacrament and then how it is implemented in the Church today. Some of the Sacraments have following pages that show how the Sacrament influences daily life.

For Baptism you see Jesus telling his disciples to go out and Baptize and the next page shows a baby being baptized in Church. Written descriptions are found for each Sacrament explaining it and why it is so important in the Church and in our lives. The coloring book could be given to children about to make their First Communion and First Reconciliation who might find the book especially useful. It also may help some children better understand what is happening when they are present when certain sacraments are celebrated.

The Sacrament Coloring Book Adapted from The Seven Sacraments Book by Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik Illustrated by Paul T. Bianca Paperback

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