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Musical "Peace Van" LED Christmas Decoration

Musical "Peace Van" LED Christmas Decoration

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OK, who doesn't love this nostalgic reminder of when people actively sought peace? This "Peace" van is decked in holiday gear. Just look at the snowy Christmastime scene in this totally unique Christmas decoration and tell me your heart doesn't skip a beat! With a peace sign on the front of the van, and people milling around homes and snowy trees inside, there's got to be music, right? You're right! This LED Christmas decoration is musical and plays various Christmas songs. The van measures 4-1/2" high by 8-1/4" wide and 4" deep and is made of polyresin.

Whether you actually drove one of these babies in your youth or just love the era this peace van Christmas decoration stands for, it tickles the soul. One can't help but be filled with delight no matter what age you are because the holiday scene is alight with multiple visual treats. It makes a fun purchase for a grandchild with the unusual setup going on in this musical peace van and makes the time before Christmas day go by quickly. Tis the season to spoil yourself; go ahead and bring it home.

Musical Peace Van Christmas Decoration: 4-1/2"H x 8-1/4"W x 4"D; Made of Polyresin

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