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Celtic Nativity Set

Celtic Nativity Set

Item# 9908821

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If you love all things Celtic, then here's a unique Celtic nativity set for your holiday celebrations in two different finishes: natural stone and bronzed (which costs slightly more). This eye-catching indoor Nativity set is based on actual sacred stonework found throughout Ireland. The early Christian monks created these carvings to illustrate the Bible stories for the Celts to understand Christianity. Now, in modern times, you can enjoy the poetic and artful nature of the ancient Irish people at Christmas with either of these Celtic nativity sets. All 6 pieces echo this tradition of the monks and measure approximately 2-1/2" tall (except the stable). The design has a quiet presence, like stone and the magnificently spiritual landscape of the Emerald Isle.

While the beauty of this Celtic nativity set looks like real stone, it is actually made of a modern day resin. Another feature of this Celtic nativity set is that it comes in an attractive gift box with a lid that has Celtic graphics. Designed as part of an Irish Keepsake Gift line, we're positive your set will add delight to many holidays to come. No matter which style finish you select below, natural stone or bronzed, your joy is enhanced through the holiday season. Don't hold back and let the enthusiasm of the early Celtics persuade you to bring them home this year.

Celtic Nativity Set: 2-1/2"H x 1-3/4"W x 6-1/4"L; Made of Resin; Gift Boxed; Available in 2 different finishes: Natural stone and Bronzed (costs slightly more) - please select below in the drop down menu.