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10-1/2" Table Ognissanti Crucifix

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10-1/2" Table Ognissanti Crucifix

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This table top display Ognissanti crucifix is an inspiring reproduction on Giotto's original piece that was restored in 2010. What makes this Ognissanti crucifix so popular and powerful? Giotto was the first to create an image of Jesus on the cross that showed his humanity and pain. Before that, Christ was always very stylized and no signs of suffering were shown in the design. Thus, Giotto's Ognissanti piece began the Renaissance period of artistic expression and was painted between 1310 and 1315. The restoration uncovered vivid colors and now the deep anguish on Mary's face is quite visible for all to see, too.

Therefore, placing this Ognissanti crucifix on an altar or table for devotional time is a powerful decision. With the original work now back at the Ognissanti church in Italy near Florence, you are connected to the artist who opened the door to Jesus' humanity being shared with the viewer. Mary and St. John the Evangelist are placed on the ends of the cross arms while an image of Christ the Teacher is painted at the top of the 10-1/2 inch reproduction of the Ognissanti crucifix.

Table Ognissanti Crucifix: 10.5"H x 7.38"W x 1.25"D; Made of Resin/Stone mix

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