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22.5" Standing Veronese Crucifix

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22.5" Standing Veronese Crucifix

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Do you have an area where you would like to set and display a crucifix rather than hanging it on your wall? This inspirational crucifix not only displays the death of Christ with all its symbolism but does so in a stunning manner. This handsome Veronese styled standing crucifix measures 22-1/2 inches tall. The crucifix is made by cold cast bronze (blending bronze powder with epoxy designer resin) and then giving the crucifix a slightly hand painted finish so some of the areas of the crucifix have just a muted tint of color giving the crucifix its unique and distinctive appearance. Since the inspirational crucifix is free standing you can move it from area to area depending on where you choose to display it or move it after it has been in one area for a period of time. The crucifix features unique adornment on the ends of the cross bars of the crucifix and around the standing base adding further points of interest to the crucifix. This crucifix from the Veronese tradition is tall enough to be placed in a chapel or even a church. It could be displayed in a school, parish center or any room where classes are held. If you have the space available, the crucifix could certainly be placed and displayed in your home. This breathtaking crucifix will be affective no matter where it is displayed.

Standing Veronese Crucifix Cold Cast Bronze Lightly Handpainted 22.5"

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