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Christmas Promise Arch Book

Christmas Promise Arch Book

Item# 33921

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Christmas Promise is the story of how God fulfilled his promise to Adam and Eve to send a Savior which occurred with the birth of Jesus. Written by Eric Bohnet, Christmas Promise is unique in starting from the Garden of Eden as it tells of the birth of Jesus as found in the Bible in Luke 2:1-20. It is an Arch Book known for their scripturally sound stories and wonderful colorful illustrations that make the books so popular with children. They are an attractive way to introduce children to scripture and to help them remember and understand the stories. Because of their scripture base, they would be a good gift for teachers or religious education teachers, parents or grandparents to give to children for the holidays. Each Arch Book has a letter to parents in the back of the book offering background on the story being told and offering suggestions on using the book and story. Parents or grandparents will enjoy sharing Christmas Promise with the delightful illustrations and easy-to-read verse over and over again during the holiday season with children or grandchildren.

Christmas Promise Arch Book Paperback 16PGS 5-9YRS