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St. Patrick’s Guild | Church Supplies, Resources, and Gifts

Regardless if you are the priest of a church, or you are merely in control of purchasing church supplies for your members, or are looking for religious gifts for the special people in your life, St. Patrick’s Guild has the items you need.

Buying church supplies is one of the most crucial tasks people take on when setting up a new church, renovating an old church, or just replenishing certain items. There are many things that a church may need to have now and then:

  • Altar
  • Altar Bread and Wine
  • Altar Linen and Banners
  • Chalices and Sacred Vessels
  • Church Calendars and Books
  • Church Candles
  • Clergy Apparel
  • Church Incense and Charcoal
  • Eucharist Bread and Sacramental Wine

The list goes on and on. St. Patrick’s Guild has all that you need and are looking for in quality Christian related items for church use. You can even find specific paper and bulletin supplies for church bulletins, forms, usher supplies, certificates, and religious education.

St. Patrick’s Guild is also a great place for you to get a gift for a sacrament or special occasion. We have a wide array of books, art, jewelry, and other devotional items for families and friends. You can even get some of these items. Some gifts you might think of buying include:

  • Christian Jewelry
  • Christian Art
  • Crucifixes and Crosses
  • Devotional Items
  • Patron Saint Gifts
  • Religious Statues
  • Rosary Beads and Cases
  • Christening Gifts
  • Wedding Gifts
  • First Communion Gifts
  • Confirmation Gifts

When you buy these church supplies and religious gifts on our website, you great deals and have a large selection to choose from. Also, when you order online, you can make the secure payments and have your religious gifts and church supplies directly delivered to you.