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GLR GIFT Adhesive Strips Each

GLR GIFT Adhesive Strips Each

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St. Patrick's Guild is pleased to now offer an exclusive new product from Alviti Creations. Because of the increasing need for low-gluten and gluten-free products, Alviti has teamed up with Grace Before Meals to produce a low-gluten ciborium with lid that is available in both gold and silver and in satin and satin finishes. The GL-215S low-gluten ciborium comes in a satin silver finish. The low-gluten ciborium features a clip and an adhesive strip for attaching to the side of the main ciborium. This adhesive strip easily applies to the low-gluten ciborium and attaches without risk of damaging the metal finish on either of the ciboria. Please call our Church Goods Department today at 800-652-9767 to inquire about our G.I.F.T. low-gluten ciboria and the adhesive strips that are needed for this product.

G.I.F.T. Adhesive Strip for attaching Low-Gluten Ciborium safely to lip of Host Bowl. Strip has adhesive backing.

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