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Pyx & Burses

St. Patrick’s Guild proudly offers customers across the country with a wide variety of pyx and burses suited for their needs. Pyx are sacred vessels within which a consecrated communion can be transported outside of the church, since the consecrate hosts (Eucharist) need to be taken to those who are sick or otherwise unable to attend Mass to receive communion. Communion pyx can be used to deliver communion to a single individual as well as to large groups at hospitals or nursing homes who wish to partake in this sacred ritual. Our inventory of beautifully designed pyx includes those crafted from brass, plastic, and gold plating, ensuring you find a Catholic pyx that fits your individual style. No two pyxes we offer are alike, as each comes with one of a kind detailing. From the Celtic cross to the image of the Last Supper, loves and fishes to the lamb and cross, the Latin cross and so much more, our pyx come etched and carved with exquisite detailing you’ll appreciate.

In addition to pyx, St. Patrick’s Guild offers a number of burses within which you can carry your pyx as you travel from one location to the next. Our genuine leather burses are amongst our top sellers, offering a stylish and protective pouch that allows for secure transportation of a pyx. Many of the leather burses available from St. Patrick’s Guild come designed with lovely gold cross detailing for those who prefer this added touch, in addition to the simple solid colored burses in our inventory. No matter the design, finish, size, or material of pyx and burse you’re looking for, we’re sure to carry just what you need at St. Patrick’s Guild. There is nothing more important than ensuring those who wish to take communion are able to do so, despite limitations in mobility. Transporting the Eucharist to those in need is made easy with a high-quality pyx and burse from St. Patrick’s Guild.
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