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Charcoal 10-Pack Tube

Charcoal 10-Pack Tube

Item# 535891

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St. Patrick's Guild strives to meet all of your liturgical supply needs including offering the best choices for incense and self-lite charcoals. Our 10 pack tube of Three Kings charcoal is an ideal choice for burning incense at home and in a liturgical setting. These reliable Three Kings quick light briquettes will help insure a richer prayer or worship experience with the burning of incense. Our economical 10 pack tube of Three Kings charcoal is both affordable and reliable. Exposing the charcoal briquette to a flame from a lighter or match will start a chemical reaction on the briquette causing the charcoal to burn to a hot white ash color in about 5 minutes at which point you can sprinkle incense over the briquette. Our 10 pack tube of charcoal is especially the ideal choice for using incense at home or in a small chapel setting.

Please note that these charcoals should be used in non-flammable container such as our home censer (see items # 52528 and 9916857). Call our Church Goods Department today at 800-652-9767 or email us at to place your order for the 10 pack tube of charcoal.

10 Pack Tube of Three Kings Charcoal Briquettes.