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Church Incense Frankincense - 1/2 oz Package

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Church Incense Frankincense - 1/2 oz Package

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This 1/2 ounce package of frankincense is a pure natural extract from the Pine tree. Burning incense, like this frankincense, occurs in churches, mosques, temples, ashrams, and in homes to purify and sweeten the atmosphere. Our frankincense comes in various sized chunks for burning on a charcoal disk. If you are new to burning frankincense or are burning it at home for personal use, please see item #57020 (Self-Lite Charcoal for Incense) or item #65479 (Home Incense Kit) so that your experience is meaningful and successful.

While burning this frankincense, you'll tap into a spiritual tradition that is thousands of years of years old. The crystals of the frankincense are burnt to remove all impurities in the atmosphere and to enhance one's experience in healing, purification, and spirituality. In the Book of Exodus, frankincense is an ingredient in the recipe for incense given to Moses by God. It was, of course, also one of the gifts presented to Jesus by the Magi. Some interpret this gift from the three kings as a symbol of priesthood. The classic aroma of this frankincense is an excellent choice for use in liturgies or any sacred worship service. Purchase this ancient incense now.

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