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Communion Veil Barrette With Attached Ribons

Communion Veil Barrette With Attached Ribons

Item# N10730

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This Communion veil is unique in that the veil layers are attached to an ornate barrette which is then clipped to the hair on the back of the head of the child. The stylish barrette is embellished with delicate small flowers accented with beads and pearls. Two wide tulle ribbons fall from the barrette to the bottom edge of the veils and add a further note of interest and style to the Communion veil. Because this Communion veil is attached to the back of the head, the veil falls to below the waist of the child. This veil can be worn with ornate or more simply designed Communion dresses or any dress the child would choose to wear. It would be a good style for a child with long hair to wear as you do need a secure base on which to attach the barrette.

A child making her First Communion feels special and she will look as good as she feels when she wears this lovely First Communion veil. The veil is one of the special things young girls enjoy wearing when they make their First Communion and any girl will take great pleasure in wearing this lovely and unique veil.

Communion Veil With Ornate Barrette Tulle Ribbons Fall From Barrette