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Dancing Standing Still Rohr, Richard

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Dancing Standing Still Rohr, Richard

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Dancing Standing Still is a revised edition of Richard Rohr's book A Lever and a Place to Stand. The title refers in part to the opening statement of the book which reads "I believe that the combination of human action from a contemplative center is the greatest art form". How to see, not what to see, should be the early form of spiritual teaching. Thus some questions that should be asked are "How can I see and use my actions and my reflections to expand and not to contract? How can I listen for God and learn God's voice (which is much more important than knowing God's precise name and plan)". Dancing Standing Still talks about the role of ego in resisting change and how each of us has a "lever" that we can use to change the world if we get ego out of the way. The lever suggested here is combining contemplative prayer with action as seen through the lens of both/and rather than either/or. We have to practically apply what is discerned in contemplation or the whole exercise could be meaningless or useless. "Rohr invites us to move outward in compassion from a prayerful stance".

Dancing Standing Still Richard Rohr Paperback

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