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Decorative Date Palms - Bag of 4

Decorative Date Palms - Bag of 4

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Decorative palms add creative splendor on your church's Palm Sunday altar and it's easy to do. Combine the tall and narrow presence of Date palms with other fan styles for a unique, and dramatic display. Decorative Date palms measure approximately 12 inches wide x 24 inches tall and are sold in bags of 4 palms. Here at Saint Patrick's Guild, we work closely with our suppliers to guarantee that your Palm Sunday palms are delivered in a timely manner, ensuring fresh and resilient palms for your congregation's Palm Sunday experience. Our suppliers also adhere to a high standard of environmental stewardship and social responsibility while making these Date palms available for you.

Each bag of Date palms includes 4 unstripped palm fronds ranging from 24 inches to 36 inches in height. But just like fresh flowers, please remember to refrigerate them until they are ready to arrange. For best results, three hours before arranging the Date palms, cut each stem at a 45 degree angle and place the stems in ice cold water.

NOTE: California and Arizona prohibit Date Palms from entering the state. Therefore, Date palms can't be shipped to California and Arizona.

Decorative Date Palms: Bag of 4

Please call our Church Supplies Department at 1-800-652-9767 or 651-690-1506 to place your palm order.

Please note: After March 1st,palms are shipped directly from our supplier for a flat $25.00 fee(on all quantities) to ensure freshness. Store pickup is not available.