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Driftwood Nativity Stable 17x8x12

Driftwood Nativity Stable 17x8x12

Item# 63905

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If this is the year you are going to buy a stable to house your nativity figures or if you are planning to replace your old stable you may wish to consider this "driftwood" stable. The stable is 17-3/4 inches across, 8-2/3 inches deep and 12 inches high so would easily hold nativity figures from 5 to 9 inches tall. The design of this stable gives it a much more open look than many other stables offerer so you have a lot of options when placing your nativity figures in and around the stable. Scattered moss on the roof gives an older, rustic and more natural look to the stable giving it the appearance of truly being outside. The stable sits on a nice base which allows you to place your nativity pieces in the stable using the base or some pieces can be placed around the outside of the stable for additional room. The stable is also large enough to hold any additional pieces which you may add to your nativity set at a later date. The star at the top is a nice additional touch to the stable. A stable gives a more finished or completed look to a nativity set and you will enjoy the way your figures look as you place them in this inspirational stable.

Wood Stable 17-3/4x8-2/3x12IN