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Eager to Love Richard Rohr

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Eager to Love Richard Rohr

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Eager to Love The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi is the new offering from Franciscan friar Richard Rohr. In his new book Rohr goes beyond the bird bath image of St. Francis to "remind us of the long tradition founded on his (St. Francis's) revolutionary, radical, and life-changing embrace of the teachings of Jesus". Rohr feels that the Franciscan way is "one of the most attractive, appealing and accessible of all frames and doorways to the divine". Among other topics Rohr talks about how Francis integrated the negative into his live, that is, took delight in things like being poor, being outside the system of power and status, weakness in any form or what Francis referred to as " the minorities". There is also a chapter on how the Franciscans differ in that they have also integrated the feminine or as one scholar says "Francis without having a specific feminist program..contributed to the feminizing of Christianity". Throughout Eager to Love Rohr shows how "the Franciscan way is alternative precisely because it names, gathers, suffers, and transforms what is already happening all of the time" and does so through love which can move across boundaries and across cultures.

Eager to Love The Alternative Way of St. Francis of Assisi Richard Rohr Hardcover 320PGS