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Falling Upward Rohr, Richard

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Falling Upward Rohr, Richard

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Falling Upward is a wonderful book by Richard Rohr talking about how the second half of life can be full of spiritual richness as the mature person searches for the meaning of life. Falling Upward presents the idea that those who have failed or "fallen" are the ones who truly understand what up is really about and the second half of life gives the older person the time to reflect on the ups and downs of life and experience this later time as coming to a completeness or fullness in their lives. Falling Upwards is a hardcover book with 240 pages of inspiring writing for those people who have had early life experiences and now can use those experiences to find richer meaning and deep spiritual richness as they move on into the second halves of their lives. Falling Upward encourages older people to look at getting older and letting go of their lives, not just as getting older, but of letting go of negative issues and concentrating on the positive issues which is a form of transformation. Older people are encouraged in Falling Upward to look at the second half of their lives as an experience of upward movement in gaining a deeper understanding of the meaning of their life based on their previous life experiences, especially the down times.

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