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Pocket Angel Penny with Bookmark

Pocket Angel Penny with Bookmark

Item# 61569

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Angels have a special place in the hearts of many people and now you can carry your own pocket angel coin to remind you of their constant love and guidance. The pocket angel coin comes with a bookmark that has an inspiring, five verse poem on it that is meant to assist you in expressing your own sentiment concerning angels. That's why this pocket angel is one of the genuine 'pocket cent-i-ment' collectibles that began in 1981. Notice that the pocket angel is a real penny with the silhouette of an winged angel cut out of the coin's center.

This pocket angel and bookmark would make a great gift idea for any church group recognition needs or for any individual. It's especially meaningful for people going through a challenging time because the pocket angel and bookmark will help them remember someone cares which is important during stressful times. If you think it's time to walk hand in hand with your angels, why not pick up one of our pocket angel coins and bookmark to let them know you're committed. The pocket angel and bookmarks are priced so that quantity purchases are easy if needed. The bookmark measures 2.25 x 6 inches.