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7IN Rainbow Colored Cross

7IN Rainbow Colored Cross

Item# N10667

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This is a lovely cross to have hanging in your home and it will be especially beautiful hanging in a window. The cross comes in 4 different styles, is made of rainbow colored acrylic and measures 7 inches long. It has a faceted design so looks like crystal and comes with a loop for immediate hanging. The faceted design means you will get a lovely light display whenever sunlight shines through the acrylic cross.

The cross is a symbol many Christian families have hanging in their home, sometimes just the cross and sometimes the crucifix. This cross is simple in design but still reflects the reverent symbolism found in the meaning of the cross. Whether you hang the cross on your wall or in a window, you will appreciate the calm and serene feeling you get when you contemplate or meditate on the cross. It will be especially beautiful when the sun shines through the acrylic and gives you a dancing light display. The size allows you to display the cross just about anywhere you would choose to do so and it can be displayed in any room of the home. The cross comes in 4 different styles with A having a purple lower arm, B a turquoise lower arm and C a yellow lower arm. Please select your choice when ordering.

Acrylic Cross 7IN 4 Styles Faceted

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