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Fontanini Armoni Merchant Figure 5IN

Fontanini Armoni Merchant Figure 5IN

Item# N14430

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Every village needs a merchant and "Armoni" is a merchant in the Fontanini Nativity village. The figure is made of polymer and stands 5 inches tall. It shows an elderly white haired man in a traditional merchant's apron holding a basket of produce in one arm and flowers in the other as he offers his produce to the villagers. Other boxes and baskets of tantalizing and interesting produce are found around his feet.

When you look at this white haired man you realize he has been selling his produce for some time so must be a long-time village resident. He wears a green apron like many merchants do to protect his clothing and has a nice variety of products in the boxes and baskets around him. The "Armoni" merchant figure will be an interesting addition to the area of the village where you have set up other commercial activities. The "Armoni" figure comes boxed.

Armoni Fontanini Nativity Figure Polymer 5IN Boxed