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Footprints Mug

Footprints Mug

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The Footprints legend burst upon the scene some years ago and became one of the best loved stories concerning the love and care of Jesus. This stunning mug presents that story. The mug is made of sturdy and durable ceramic and is finished in tan and light green colors. The Footprints legend is written on the mug in lovely contrasting brown script. The mug is 4-1/4 inches high, holds 16 ounces of hot or cold beverage and is dishwasher and microwave safe making it convenient and easy to use. The mug would be a nice give to someone who may need encouragement or an expression of hope. Each time the person drinks their favorite beverage they will have the hope filled story of the love of Jesus present to them as they read the Footprints legend presented on this beverage mug. You could include a supply of their favorite coffee or tea along with the mug and give the Footprints mug as a birthday gift, a gift for a special occasion or just because someone may be in need of a little encouragement. Most people have a favorite beverage that they like to drink so you can combine the ability to consume that beverage with the hopeful Footprints legend when you give the gift of this lovely mug.

Footprints Mug Ceramic Dishwasher/Microwave Safe Holds 16OZ Boxed