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God Gave Us Heaven Bergen, Lisa

God Gave Us Heaven Bergen, Lisa

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God Gave Us Heaven is a beautiful way to explain to small children the concept of death and heaven. A little bear cub in the book asks the father bear "What is heaven?" and the father bear goes on to explain heaven in terms the small bear can understand, that heaven will be a place of love and happiness and joy. Because heaven is presented as the home of God so is a place all good and loving, death is represented as going to this lovely place to be with God. The little bear is content even when papa bear tells him he will not be able to fly! The book has incredible illustrations by Laura Bryant that further illustrate the idea being presented. Little children will love looking at the pictures that tell the story even before they can read the words. The book explains death and heaven in gentle terms that provide satisfying answers to the questions children ask early in life and give them the comfort of this wonderful heaven God has prepared for them.

God Gave Us Heaven Lisa Bergren Art by Laura Bryant Hardcover