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Gods Door Keepers Schorn, Joel

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Gods Door Keepers Schorn, Joel

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God's Door-Keepers, by Joel Schorn, tells the stories of Padre Pio, Solanus Casey and Andre Bessette who were all humble men obedient to God and who are becoming more and more well known because of their healing and compassionate ministries. Andre and Solanus were gate keepers in that they literally stood and opened the doors at their monasteries while Padre Pio opened the doors of the confessional and there led people to healing relationships with God. All three were humble men giving their lives to God and thus opening the way for God to work through them.
Schorn states that "At its root obedience means listening" and all three men were open to listening to the word and will of God. The three men are credited with many miracles but all three felt the miracles happened because the action of God was behind the miracles so every miracle involved faith. People were healed because of their faith which then led them to even greater faith. Schorn feels these three men are perfect examples to imitate as they show us how to live a life close to Christ. "The doorkeepers show us how faith, closeness to God and seeking God in all things are the keys that unlock our lives".

God's Door-Keepers Joel Schorn Paperback 16PGS

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