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Grace Revisited: Monastic Wisdom for Everyday Life

Grace Revisited: Monastic Wisdom for Everyday Life

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How much easier would life be if we could find grace or the presence of God in everyday moments? In the book Grace Revisited: Epiphanies from a Trappist Monk Fr. James Behrens gives us wonderful examples of people, places and events in his life that have turned into moments of grace and given him a sense of the presence of God. The book Grace Revisited combines two popular books, Grace is Everywhere and Memories of Grace, into one convenient and easily read volume of inspiring short presentations of finding the spiritual in simple everyday happenings. Can you see grace as a spider web connecting all of us together? Are you delighted and uplifted by the attentions of a cat, dog or other pet? Fr. Behrens takes each of these events and turns them into examples of the presence of grace in our everyday world. Life is lived in the commonplace and Grace Revisited helps open our eyes to the wonderful experiences of grace found in all the simple everyday things and people around us. Grace Revisited encourages us to not take things for granted but to find blessings in everything and everyone around us.