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Guaridan Angel Holy Water Font

Guaridan Angel Holy Water Font

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This guardian angel holy water font is sculpted with realistic details over the entire design. The white alabaster font is made in Italy which explains the high level of artistry. The youthful angel is gently holding a lantern above a sleeping child. The feathering on the wings and facial details on the guardian angel and child makes their appearance seem almost real. The child and guardian angel hair is full of life-like texture, too. The holy water font has such a loving presence that we think it enriches any room, especially a child's room. The metal triangle hook at the top makes the 7 inches high, by 4 inches wide font easy to hang.

Using a holy water font in your home assists your spiritual focus each and every day. St. Teresa of Avila writes of her temptations being successfully repelled by her use of holy water. Placing the holy water font near a home entrance or on a wall in the bedroom makes it available first thing in the morning and again before bedtime. An ideal gift for any Confirmation candidate or RCIA ceremony, too.

'Guardian Angel' Holy Water Font: 4 x 7 x 2 inches; White Alabaster