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GuildWare - 42 Inch Polished Brass Candlestick

GuildWare - 42 Inch Polished Brass Candlestick

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New and directly imported, St. Patrick's Guild is proud to present our new line of Guildware. Straight from the source, this unique new line is full of exciting possibilities for your church! Available now at unbeatable prices, be sure to buy your Guildware today!

At a lofty 42 inches this polished brass candlestick will stand tall and shine bright throughout your church. The polished brass gives it a smooth and glossy look, just like a mirror, that makes this piece a stunning addition to any altar. With a 2 inch socket, the candlestick will work perfectly with candles of this diameter, whether they are beeswax or paraffin. The size of both the candlestick and socket make this candlestick the absolute best choice for your altar if you want something to help the light of your candles shine far and wide throughout the church. Every church needs a candlestick that will provide parishoners with optimal visibility of the light of Christ, and this is yours! Also, the special lacquered finish will help this candlestick withstand frequent usage in all your important masses.

Candles have been used for sacramental purposes since the 2nd century, but it is not until the 7th century that there is evidence of their symbolic use at Mass. At that time they were carried in the opening procession and then displayed on the altar, very comparably to how they are used in the Roman Catholic church today. Now we light candles during mass to symbolize the real presence of Jesus Christ, who is present during Mass and throughout our daily lives.

Don't miss out on the rest of this exciting new line of Guildware, exclusively from St. Patrick's Guild. From candle burners to bread plates, we know there is something perfect for you and your church!

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